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At Lootah Lemmens Crane Systems, we are transforming your material handling ideas into real operational hoisting equipment, working according to our client’s IDEAS/WISHES, as one of the leading crane manufacturers in Dubai and across the UAE.We are a locally based company with our own set up in the new industrial zone Umm All Quain, operating as a joint venture between lemmenscranesystems and lootah , daily combining the best from 2 worlds, as we are together strong.

The leading name among crane companies in UAE

Leading at the forefront of crane manufacturing companies in the region, we approach every project from concept, up to reality with the same sense of creativity and efficiency.
The KNOW-HOW from our, marked material handling and proven crane specialists make an impressive combination, which enables Lootah Lemmens Crane System to deliver tailor-made HOISTING EQUIPMENT / MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS. Our expertise met with the latest market standards, are you saving time and money in the process.
Our highly qualified and motivated specialists supervise each step of the process very carefully, ENGINEERING, PRODUCTION, INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE and CERTIFICATION, ensuring that each system equipment is unique, including all necessary certifications and ordered options.
As one of the few homegrown crane companies in UAE, you can find us with our customers, already more than 45 years in the following industries:
Automotive – Logistic – Warehousing-Steel-Aluminum-Precast concrete-Concrete-Cement-Paper-Aviation – just everywhere, where there needs to be load transferred inside the customer’s boundary on regular bases.
More than 3000 lifting-crane installation handover to our customers, just ask our references.


  • COECK-Geel-Belgium: 2 overhead cranes, each with 2 x 125 ton capacity lifting customers end products up to 1.000 ton from the factory floor into trolleys and from there into a river boot. It was a turn-key project which included fully, all needed hoisting equipment.
  • ORION Kaulille fully automated galvanizing factory, including ware-housing.
  • SIF-Roermond-The Netherlands: 4 overhead cranes from each 2 x 100 ton capacity, lifting the customer’s end product of 800 ton directly from the factory floor into a river boot.
  • VOLTAMP-Sohar-Oman: a 175 ton crane in the middle of the dessert.
  • Dubai Port-World in Jebel Ali – UAE: 3 overhead cranes installed and being used.
  • ESI-Emirates Steel and Iron factory, installed a rolling mill and maintenance cranes.


To find out more about our solutions, feel free to contact us today. You can email us directly or visit our facility for more information.

Partner with the one of the most trusted crane manufacturing companies in Dubai and UAE today

To find out more about our solutions, feel free to contact us today. You can email us directly or visit our facility for more information.

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