Overhead Cranes - EP03

Looking for overhead crane manufacturers in UAE? Find us to be your partner. The hoist unit is mounted to a movable overhead steel structure also called bridge structure. This overhead structure is mostly running on a runway, mounted inside a building in the roof structure. Standard capacity’s up to 50 tons all by electrical movements due to the structure weight and heavy capacity’s. We also manufacture single girder and double girder industrial EOT cranes, these industrial crane systems are among the most reliable overhead cranes in the GCC. Take a look at our EOT and Bridge crane systems. Movements: Up-Down, Left-Right and Forward-Reverse, mostly electrical driven even by invertor application.

Single Girder Overhead Crane - EP030

Manual Overhead Crane - EP03131

Double Girder EOT crane systems - EP035

Double Girder Bridge 270 - EP036

QUICK EOT Cranes - EP037