Jib crane systems - EP01

The hoist unit is mounted to a fix or movable JIB structure. Standard Capacity’s starting 125Kilo up to 2-3 ton.
Of course we can deliver outside of our default engineered solutions, just send us a detailed filled quote request form. All our crane systems are developed by professional crane manufacturers in Dubai, UAE. 

Looking for a jib crane or other lifting equipment? As one of the main jib crane manufacturing companies in Dubai, we are always ready to provide you with assistance for your jib crane systems.

Movements: Up-Down, Left-Right and slewing, manual or electrical driven. View more lifting equipment by clicking one of the shown categories.

Wall Mounted - EP010

Column Mounted - EP015

QUICK JIB Cranes 270° - EP017



Double Girder Wall Running - EP019

Single Girder Wall Running - EP018