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The Best Crane Manufacturers in UAE

Lootah Lemmens is proud to introduce our wide range of lifting-crane equipment known for superior quality and reliability. These are called End Products, which are shortened to EPs, and are divided into 10 subgroups.

In designing and making these EPs, our company harnessed more than four decades of knowledge and experience as one of the primary heavy industries companies and manufacturers in Dubai, UAE. In our industry, superior quality and dependability are at a premium. As such, only the best industrial cranes, electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes and overhead crane companies thrive.

One of the leading suppliers of gantry cranes in the UAE

Since our founding in 1969, we have been providing crane systems, such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and EOT cranes, that have higher lifting capacity, greater weight capability, longer lifespan and more robust overall performance. Every overhead crane, bridge crane, gantry crane and EOT crane under our line of products has gone through strict quality control measures to ensure dependability and durability for a long time. Today, we are one of the lifting gear manufacturers that serve companies and other product suppliers in Dubai and the entire UAE (GCC) with quality industry-grade solutions. Whether you need a bridge crane, an EOT crane, or an overhead crane, you can depend on one of the most trusted heavy equipment manufacturers in Dubai to get things done for you.

Flexibility, efficiency, and dependability from overhead cranes, EOT cranes, gantry cranes and other heavy lifting equipment

Our high-duty equipment also offer enhanced automation and precision positioning at high speeds, as well as seamless integration of notable functions, including invertors, remote control system, and load measurement apparatus, and griefers. Units are also able to traverse with vacuum or magnets and any other object the client specified. By engineering and providing a wide array of options and functions, we give clients numerous unique benefits and solutions, which in turn help them increase their output capacity, significantly reduce costs, use man-hours more efficiently, and avoid critical mistakes. Below is a snapshot of our modern and high-tech heavy lifting equipment. These are all engineered by our talented, skilled and highly competitive pool of experts in the field.

Guaranteed Product Quality and Assistance Industrial crane systems in Dubai

With Lootah Lemmens, you get unparalleled quality assurance, ensuring that your operations are never compromised or hindered by any of our equipment.
If you want to make sure that our crane systems are integrated seamlessly into your operations, we can execute installation, testing, and commissioning of our hoisting equipment with the help of our own experienced specialists, technicians, and engineers.
We have engineers and technicians who can take care of any maintenance or repair needs of any equipment from any EOT crane to any bridge crane in our product line. Above anything else, we ensure the safety of our equipment. Whether you are acquiring an indoor EOT hoisting equipment or an outdoor tower system for large scale construction, our in-house industry experts can help you prevent any risk of load drop or swaying.

Lootah Lemmens offers state-of-the-art sway control systems that are designed to improve stability significantly. We also offer world-class motion control and automation solutions that can help improve costs, efficiency, reliability, and performance for all kinds of industry applications. We can help optimize your operations by implementing your desired control systems to match your operational requirements.
Furthermore, studies have revealed that tower cranes represent a logjam in operations when it comes to construction projects. In line with this, it has been discovered that one of the keys to expediting construction is reducing the cycle durations of industrial cranes. To reduce system cycle times of our overhead cranes and other systems, we also offer customised crane automation programs.

Lootah Lemmens is one of the foremost names in the manufacture and development of industrial cranes and heavy hoisting equipment in the UAE. Harnessing the significant experience and technical expertise of our in-house specialists, we have grown into one of the most trusted companies in the industry. With our stellar track record, we can proudly say we are perfectly positioned to meet the needs of our clients. If you want to know more about our bridge crane, EOT crane, or any other solution, contact us today.
Our headquarters can be found at Umm Al Quwain New Industrial Area. You can also contact us through our phone number.

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