Tractel UAE Dealer

Tractel UAE is known for providing safety products that meet the highest standard. Tractel’s vision fits seamlessly with Lootah Lemmens’ vision to facilitate a safe working environment. Lootah Lemmens has been a certified Tractel dealer for the United Arab Emirates for several years now.

Tractel products

Tractel has a wide product range available to our customers and from Lootah Lemmens we support Tractel customers not only with new purchases but also with certifications of existing Tractel equipment in the United Arab Emirates. Some product categories of Tractel UAE are outlined below:
-Safety Harness

  • PPE kits
  • Lifelines
  • Safety ladders
  • rescue equipment

By clicking on the category you can request more information about the products that Tractel offers.

Tractel certifications

Safety is number one at both Tractel and Lootah Lemmens, one of the conditions for having a safe product is timely testing and inspection of the materials used. In collaboration with Tractel, Lootah Lemmens has developed a system for following up the inspections, so as a customer you do not have to keep track of an inspection schedule, but you are always provided with inspected products.

Do you want to know more about our methodology of inspections? Please contact our advisors to discuss the possibilities and wishes.