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Benefits of Radio Control over Pendant Control Systems

Radio remote control for your lifting equipment will make sure that you increase your safety and efficiency. Be it an overhead crane, a gantry crane, or a jib crane you always need to be free to perform your actions. And pendant control systems don’t allow you to do that. The pendant control system ties you to the end of the control cable and the operator’s movement is limited. That is a safety concern, right ??

In the case of a radio control system, you don’t have to worry about safety. Operators can easily maneuver around the crane and goods easily and safely. That’s not the only feature, which radio control provides you with. Have a look at some of the features you have using radio control for your industrial cranes over pendant control systems.

  • Reduce parts that have frequent wear and tear
  • Operators can work away from loads
  • Better load setting and positioning.
  • Improve crane safety and productivity on long runway systems.
  • Operation can be shared by multiple operators.
  • Cabin operators can easily switch over, as the control features are very similar.

United Precast Concrete - A Case Study

United Precast Concrete LLC is one of the leading manufacturer of precast concrete in UAE. Handling a volume of precast finished goods is always risky, and if that’s a routine – it’s hectic. With overhead cranes and gantry cranes that have heavy lifting capacity and variable lifting heights it’s much more complicated routine. Overhead cranes and gantry cranes systems manufactured by Lootah Lemmens LLC is what enable UPC to continue its operations without glitches.

But at some point in time, the team at UPC felt they needed to advance with the system and embrace what we suggested. We suggested that replacing the existing pendant control system with radio control system from Teleradio can bring miraculous changes in the daily operations at United Precast. We’ll tell you how,

  • operator can move freely – ensuring personnel safety
  • operator have better vision – and thereby better control
  • operator can have precise control – thereby no damage to goods
  • operator have better visibility – enabling better stacking or finished goods and more space

TeleRadio with Lootah Lemmens LLC

TeleRadio is the top manufacturer of radio controls for various applications and Lootah Lemmens LLC is proud to be a partner and supplier of TeleRadio Products in United Arab Emirates. Be it for an overhead crane in Dubai or for a gantry crane in Abu Dhabi or Jib Crane in Sharjah or any other industrial crane systems, we’re there to setup the most innovative lifting solutions for you.

Replacing the pendant control system of your industrial crane with radio control or remote control is always the best choice and we’re here to do this for you.

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