Tele radio UAE dealer

Lootah Lemmens has been selling and servicing all types of Tele radio remotes for several years and is the official distributor of the brand in the United Arab Emirates. are you looking for new Tele radio products or do you need maintenance on existing systems? We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your specific situation.

The radiographic controls developed by Tele radio are intended for studying machines in the industry. Tele radio was founded in 1955 and LootahLemmens has been a trusted partner for many years.

The newest development that Tele radio made is the Donut function, The donut range function is programmed in such a way that a minimum and maximum distance is set in which a transmitter is allowed to operate and in this way functions as a safety check for the user

The Tele radio controls are used in combination with our hoist units from, among others:

  • KITO
  • GH
  • And any other brand

In addition to the hoist units mentioned above, it is possible to use the Tele radio controls with other brands. Would you like to know whether the Tele radio controls work together with the hoists that are present in your area? Please contact our after-sales engineers who will be happy to support you.