Crane Parts & Spare Parts - EP07

LemmensCraneSystems – crane manufacturers in Dubai – designs, produces and delivers her hoisting- and lifting equipment including CE-Certificate. This means everything is based on the machine guideline chapter dangerous machines. Very important in this part is the 10 year SPARE PART delivery obligation! Due to this we are cooperating only with trustworthy, liable partners. 

Being one of the main crane manufacturing companies in the middle east, we produce crane parts like chain hoists and crane cabins and are an official dealer GH, Donati and CARIBONI components.

CARIBONI Power Lines - EP070

GH - Parts - EP071

DONATI - Parts - EP072

IGA - EP074



Open Crane Cabin - EP077

Crane Cabin

Ergonomic Crane Cabin

Triveni - EP078

Long and cross travel rail.

Schneider - EP079