Tailor made heavy lifting equipment by the best crane manufacturer in UAE

At Lootah Lemmens we are experts in turning your industrial lifting ideas into operating lifting equipment. During the process we supervise every step of the process, from designing to delivering heavy lifting equipment. Our engineers approach every case with great creativity to serve you as good as possible. Lootah Lemmens is a no-nonsense organization with a one stop shopping strategy to maximize efficiency.

Every standard and tailor made project is designed according to the latest market technologies and ISO standards to save time and money and ensure the highest quality of crane systems. We develop lifting equipment like overhead-, jib- and gantry crane systems on a daily base, making us an ideal partner in crane system manufacturing projects.


Engineering goals

Focus on Quality

We have been developing and implementing tailor made lifting solutions since 1969. Our experience enables us to efficiently develop lifting equipment with our focus on quality.


Maximum Usability

All of our crane system products are provided with the best selected crane components. Liable, cost-efficient and service friendly.


Product Innovation

The engineering department has professional design engineers working on 3D models to support the production and assembly departments.


The best from 3 worlds

Netherlands – Russia – Dubai

Project documentation flow


  • Signed order acknowledgement or our quotation with confirming customers PO.
  • Financial project budget agreed by board.
  • Minutes meeting from the project kick off meeting, with clear customer’s specifications and expectations.
  • Site information consisting of pictures, lay outs, building drawings.
  • Customer’s product and workflow information.


  • GA-drawing stamped and signed by customer.
  • Mechanical production drawings.
  • Electrical production drawings.
  • BOM- Bill off materials.

Project Planning

  • Erection method statement showing entrance road, and all need fully site supporting tools.
  • ISO functionality.

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